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Company history

Release time:17-04-11
  • 1994.10 Jiangmen Lianxing Keheng Auxiliary Factory was founede.
  • 1995.10The KF-2 sizing material passed authentication of the state Ministry of Education , regarede as the leader in that field.
  • 1997.10The KF-1 and KF-3 sizing materials passed authentication; KF-1 was the pioneer and KF-3 reached the leading domestic quality.
  • 1997.10The rare earth phosphor branch factory was founded, entering the rare earth phosphor industry.
  • 2003.12Became the largest manufacturer of rare earth phosphor in China.
  • 2005.4Co-organized the 5th National Conference on Rare Earth Luminescent Materials with Sun Yat-sen University in Jiangmen.
  • 2006.3Moved into the new site and further consolidated the leading position in rare earth phosphor industry of China.
  • 2007.11Completed share reform and renamed as Jiangmen Kanhoo Industry Co., Ltd.
  • 2012.7IPO at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code is 300340).
  • 2012.9Founded the branch company Guangdong Cheminno Technology Co,. Ltd and established the technology and entrepreneurship platform as technology incubator, marking the new era of innovation in Kanhoo history.
  • 2013.3Commercialized the first cathode material for LIB LCO-1.
  • 2013.7Invested in Shenzhen Lianteng Technology Co., Ltd. The LED business extended to the downstream of the product chain.
  • 2014.9Invested in Hunan Yacheng New Materials Co,. Ltd and optimized the LIB production with raw materials suppliers.
  • 2016.4Invested in Jiangsu YuXiang Chemical Co., Ltd (renamed as Rivocean Jiangsu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd) and entered the pharmaceutical intermediate industry.
  • 2016.6Invested in Guangdong Yueke Hongrun Venture Capital Co,. Ltd and established Kanhoo's first venture capital fund.
  • 2016.11Founded Yingde KanHoo New Energy Technology Co., Ltd and constructed the Yingde Kanhoo New Energy Industrial Park.
  • 2016.11Merged and cooperated with Shenzhen Haoneng Technology Co., Ltd to build the" Materials + Equipment“ business model.
  • 2017.4Founded Guanzghou Guangzheng KanHoo Investment Management Partnerships (Limited Partnership) with Guangzhou Securities and established ¥3 billion buyout fund for pharmaceutical industry.
  • 2017.6Launched and tested the facilities in Yingde Kanhoo New Energy Industrial Park.

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