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R & D

Release time:17-04-12

Independent R&D Platform

bbin真人视讯 Independent laboratories for each business department

Independent laboratories for each project department

New R&D buiding

Independent Lab

Integrating sphere light source analysis lab

Phosphor VUV spectral
evaluation system

Homothermal LIB
testing system

Public Technical Service Platform

Analysis center

Medium batch size testing plant

  • X-ray fluorescence

  • X-ray diffractometer

  • Scanning electron microscope

  • Chemisorption analysis
    for materials

  • BET analysis for materials

  • Vacuum glove box

  • Glass reactor group

  • High Multi-5000 multi-function
    fritting furnace

Science & Technology Cooperation Platform

Innovation Center

Fudan Kanhoo Luminescent Materials Research Center

Guangdong Engineering Technology Research and Development Center

Guangdong Enterprise Technical Center

Guangdong Post Doctoral Base of Innovation & Practice

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  • 6

1. The Director Jia Yinsong of Rare Earth Office of the State Council of China visited Kanhoo.

2. The deputy Director of Guangdong Science and Technology Department Zheng Haitao visted Kanhoo.

3. Fudan-Kanhoo Luminescent Materials Research Center was founded in Shanghai Fudan University.

4. The Professor Yu Aishui of Fudan University and LIB Materials Business Department togerther established LIB Materials Research Project Group totether.

5.The new project "A Full Spectrum LED Phosphor Powder and Its Appliction "from LED Businewss Department was honored with the top-ten Alighting Technologies Award 2016.

6.The launching ceremony of Guangdong Post Doctoral Base of Innovation & Practice, co-organized by South China Normal University & Kanhoo together.

Instruments for R&D


  • SEM : Scan Electron microscope Hitachi, Japan

  • TGA Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer

  • XRF Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometer

  • VUV FS: Phosphor VUV Spectral Evaluation System

  • XRD: X-Ray Diffractometer

  • UV-VIS Fluorescence Spectrum fluorometers

  • High Multi-5000 multi-function fritting fumace