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Release time:17-06-24

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        JIANGMEN KANHOO INDUSTRY COMPANY LIMITED was founded in 1994 and located in Jiangmen which is the traffic hinge of northwest Pearl River Delta in Guangdong Province and has a good reputation as "Chinese first hometown for overseas Chinese". KANHOO has been using "the eternal pursuit for science and technology" as the slogan of enterprise since the company was established for more than 20 years.

Innovation leads the enterprise development
        Kanhoo was formerly known as the Jiangmen Lianxing Kahoo Auxiliary Factory, which owned the independently researched and developed production KF series sizing materials, which have become the leading domestic products in 1994-1995. In 1997, the company entered the industry of rare earth luminescent materials and had successfully developed a series of domestic pioneer products such as double-activated blue phosphor, red phosphor for blub lamp, and full-spectrum phosphor, etc. In 1999, KanHoo had been identified as National High-tech Enterprise. And it had passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certificate in 2001. After 2003, KanHoo contributed the largest sales of rare earth phosphor globally and hence becomes the industry leader of global rare earth luminescent materials. In 2012, KanHoo transformed into the field of lithium ion battery (LIB) materials. The company commercialized the first LIB cathode material LCO-1 in 2013. After two years of business development, KanHoo has become one of the leading domestic suppliers of LIB cathode materials. In addition, LED lighting materials, catalytic materials, photo-biological materials and organic silicone materials have also been successfully developed and commercialized in the market. 

The multi-dimensional construction of distribution channels and innovation systems
        Kanhoo has always been focusing on technology innovation since the first date and facilitated a large number of research cooperation with Fudan University, Zhongshan University, South China Normal University and others, in which a number of achievements in scientific research have been awarded at the national, provincial, municipal and distinct levels and some products are listed as China Torch Program projects and Spark Program projects. In 2008, the "Guangdong Engineering Technology Research and Development Center", which was established by KanHoo, was recognized by Guangdong Science and Technology Department, National Development and Reform Commission and Economic and Trade Commission. In 2009, the Enterprise Technology Center was identified as "Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center". At present, the enterprise already has more than 150 national patents, in addition to the development and revision of more than 20 national and industry standards.
        In 2012, KanHoo established the Chemino open innovation and entrepreneurship platform for incubator and makerspaces, and had cultivated strontium nitride materials, LED encapsulation adhesive, Organic Silicon Microsphere, Jiangmen Urban Vegan Technology Co., Ltd. and other innovative projects and enterprises through the introduction of social innovation and the drive of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation". In 2017, the building of Yingde KanHoo New Energy Industrial Park has provided automated and intelligent industrial resources for LIB cathode materials expansion and production of new projects.
        KanHoo had made investment cooperation with relevant upstream and downstream quality enterprises in order to optimize the production chain; and it established the Guangdong Yueke Hongrun venture capital fund and Guangzhou Guangzheng KanHoo investment fund to realize the venture capital investment and layout the pharmaceutical industry.
        The year of 2012 is a landmark year which KanHoo lists on the stock market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. This year is not only an affirmation of enterprise development philosophy and technologyinnovation, but also a responsibility what society gives KanHoo. KanHoo is willing to work together with all sectors of society to build an excellent value chain for industry and make every effort to create more value for investors and customers.